OCTOBER 2017 Member of the 

When Brandon started working with Trainer Courtney Bates in March, she was new to gyms in general - she had an ambitious goal though! With an eye to compete in the CrossFit Games as a Masters athlete in 2020, she has been a constant source of inspiration in the gym. Brandon also recently completed her CrossFit Level One certification and is more motivated than ever!



January 2018

Forge has enabled me to keep the healthy routine I need. The morning JumpStart HIIT is at the best time for a guy with a crazy family schedule. It also gives me the perfect mix of cardio and weight training. All the staff are extremely experienced and helpful, it's elevated my training knowledge. I appreciate all the help!




Forge is full of some of the happiest and most inspiring people I know! I love seeing a gym with people who are motivated to be strong


Bobby and Reanne

MARCH 2018

Reanne and Bobby are one of those couples who let their actions do all the talking.  You’ll notice this power couple in most evenings at Forge quietly putting in work, day-in, day-out. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed guys - keep up the hard work!

Forge has become a second home for us sweating next to all the other dedicated athletes at the gym! Thank you for creating a space to help us reach our fitness goals and for recognizing our commitment to the Forge Community!



APRIL 2018

Katrina shows up(sometimes twice a day!) and commits herself to the process of training, no matter how tough it gets or how she feels, and always works hard.

Personal growth and education: Katrina has taken it upon herself to learn boxing, barbell lifting, and beginner olympic lifting, and has made massive improvement in all her skills.



MAY 2018

When I moved here last year, my first priority was to find a new gym and I just kind of stumbled on the New Forge location after seeing how the gym was set up, I knew that was where I wanted to be.  Over the past year, I’ve met a lot of great people and have been pushed to try a bunch or new things in the gym that I likely never would of tried on my own. The atmosphere is always amazing and somehow even at 5:30 every morning it motivates me to work hard.  Thanks for everything Forge and I’m looking forward to many more early mornings!



JUNE 2018

Last April I made a goal for myself to accomplish the pull up because I couldn't do one. I also wanted a more well rounded exercise routine so that I wasn't using the same chain of muscles groups. Forge training was in my neighbourhood and, but also liked their mission

They connected me with one of their great trainers Kate Spack who has helped me achieve my movement goals. I just feel so happy to feel stronger because movement is freedom. The people I see when Forge opens its doors in the morning are hard working and focused, but everyone is still so nice and lighthearted. It doesn't get much better than this!



JULY 2018

Forge has been a blessing. Working with Zeke has pushed me way passed what I thought were my limits. Seeing Brette, Tina, Kate and others crushing it all the time, has been inspiring. Being supported and encouraged by Hal has been a major boost. I'm a long way from my goals, but a lot closer thanks to the Forge community. If I have any complaints: it's that Locky’s dating advice is atrocious. Thanks everyone!




What an honour to be on the board, especially given all of the hard working and strong people I get the pleasure of sharing my morning workouts with. One year ago this month, finding and joining Forge was a dream come true. I was looking for a gym, but I ended up finding an incredible community. I'm so grateful for the encouragement and inspiration from every coach and fellow Forge member. My excitement to progress each day has totally changed my day to day mindset and habits, and I owe that all to Forge!




I am so happy I took the plunge and upgraded from a rec center gym to Forge. The coaches and community are so supportive and fun to work with. Huge shout out to the coaches that keep the programming fun and challenging Jason Erikson, Ryan Molle, Sean Lind, & Courtney Alwyn-Astley Bates - Thank you all for the extra help with movements, I am so appreciative of all the pointers and tips. Looking forward to making  more progress with everyone




Forge, to me, is a place of both challenge and of refuge.   At Forge, I get to accomplish new levels of strength and agility because I feel supported by everyone.  The fellow members have become friends and I am part of a community as soon as I walk in the doors: Forge brings me Lifted Spirits and Feeling Better; regardless of how hard I trained that day.  

Finally, the owners have created a Healthy Environment, and you leave empowered.




I appreciate Forge and its staff.

I feel rejuvenated physically and mentally  after each class. Forges team members knowledge of the principles and understanding of human movement are the reasons why I also am a Forge Member. Thank you for your welcoming approach and helping me improve my health and well being. It's not about age it’s about vitality. Forge staff help me feel vital.


Laura. C


Forge, to me, is a place of both challenge and of refuge.   At Forge, I get to accomplish new levels of strength and agility because I feel supported by everyone.  The fellow members have become friends and I am part of a community as soon as I walk in the doors: Forge brings me Lifted Spirits and Feeling Better; regardless of how hard I trained that day.  

Finally, the owners have created a Healthy Environment, and you leave empowered.




I love forge.. I am the forge Hype-man. I have been coming here for a year, it is exactly the kind of gym I would have opened, there's tons of equipment, everyone's motivated, there aren't any stupid rules, the music is loud and they play "land down under" often...

From those who have always been in it to those who are just starting, being surrounded by a community of like-minded people definitely keeps me on-point.

Whether I feel like doing box squats with chains, rope climbs, or just chasing a bicep pump, I'm never limited by equipment or space.




I'm one of the Forge OGs from Fort St. It's been amazing watching Forge evolve to where it is now. Over the past three years, Forge has become a second home for me, I love walking in at the end of my work day to dozens of friendly and smiling faces. I spent a ton of time in Hal's boxing program and am so impressed at how much work he's put into it. Over the last year, I've focused my training on olympic lifting, and with the support of my coach Zeke, last month I competed for the first time. We're currently preparing for my second competition, and I will do my best to make Forge proud!

Thanks for providing such a great community and environment - both of which have been integral in hitting my goals.


MARCH 2019

I made the shift from a community centre gym to Forge a little over a year ago. I immediately realized how much more enjoyable training can be when you have the right equipment, fantastic staff, and a great environment.

The past year has marked significant progress in terms of my goals as a powerlifting newbie, which I can certainly attribute to the efforts and knowledge of Forge coaches: Matt Rud for teaching me not to be scared of big weight under the bar, and Marie-Eve for providing nutritional guidance.

Lastly, and probably most importantly, the Forge staff have saved me from losing my keys, gym fob, headphones, knee sleeves, a tripod, and several other items more times than I would like to admit. 

Huge thanks to all of you for keeping my life in one piece; it’s always appreciated!"


Laura. F

APRIL 2019

Training at Forge has been an amazing experience. It's a year of training 5-6 times a week, falling completely in love with boxing, gaining strength through powerlifting, "Ladies Bench Night" crew, and improving my endurance and technique with barbell conditioning. I am continually inspired by the badass Forge Boxing Club crew, and so happy to have made such amazing friends. A huge thank you to my trainer, Hal, and to all the dedicated and passionate people at Forge - we've created something really special here, and I am so grateful to be part of this community!



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