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Forge Gym -12.JPG
Main Floor

6500 sqft strength & conditioning gym

Boxing Gym

1500 sqft kickboxing,  boxing, and Muay Thai facility

Open Gym

Open gym all day, everyday

Forge Gym -13.JPG

A gym to MOVE!

Chalk Allowed

A proper gym for proper lifting!

Functional Level 3.jpg
Weight Dropping

Is 100% ALLOWED! You know...we like to lift heavy

Forge Gym -16.JPG

Male, female, & all-gender washrooms with showers, daily and monthly lockers

Towel Service

Available for a very small one-time fee


  • 17 squat racks, including four hammer strength half racks, a Vulcan six person rig, two gorilla stand racks, and four compact stand racks, and a Rogue stand rack 

  • Two Olympic weightlifting platforms

  • Three sets of dumbbells, up to 110 pounds

  • A multitude of barbells including: 35lb and 45lb Olympic lifting bars, power bars, trap deadlift bars, axle bars, safety squat bars, curl bars, And technique bars

  • Traditional and competition style kettle balls

  • GHD and Reverse Hyper

  • Bumper plates, steel plates, rubber coated plates, and powerlifting competition kilogram plates

  • Bodybuilding and accessory equipment including: a seated row, a large pull down, x2 cable crossover machines, bench press, and a hack squat

  • Gymnastics equipment including: Parrolette’s, x6 Olympic rings, dip bars, walls and mats to practice handstands, and a pegboard

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