I approached Hal Kreisel for personal training with weight loss as a primary health goal and, out of interest, to develop kickboxing skills. I quickly learned I was going to get a lot more from Hal than someone to hold pads and coach me on kickboxing techniques.

After interviewing me, Hal refined my goals to include body composition targets, strength targets, and athleticism targets. He also educated me on diet and nutrition, and we developed targets for that too. I was pleasantly surprised at the knowledge and detailed planning that went into developing my own customized training program. I was also impressed how Hal focused on achievable goals and habit building that would lead to sustainable lifestyle improvements.

As a trainer Hal is engaged 110% every day, and it is easy to feed off his tremendous energy and positive outlook. I feel like I am learning something different every session and the training never gets stale. It is always challenging, fun, and leaves me feeling great!

Hal has been training me for 14 months, during which time I have lost 47 pounds, painlessly but radically changed my diet and nutrition habits, and have reset my goals three times because I keep achieving them.

I am fitter and healthier now than I expected was achievable. Chronic pains I had simply learned to live with have vanished. I feel great, all the time. And I look forward to every training session!

I believe Hal brings a special combination of experience, skill, knowledge, passion and talent to his personal training that few can match. Hal offers a safe, targeted, and effective personal training service that I am enthusiastic to recommend!

— Grant Brager, 

Managing Partner / Director of Client Services & Solutions Strategic Functions Ltd