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Why did you create Forge?

I was given the unique opportunity to partner with Locki and Tina to open up a gym in 2015. Together, we wanted to create a space that allowed for people to master the art of strength and conditioning training. Opening Forge has allowed me personally to utilize the full extent of my imagination to create an optimal training environment for people to maximize their full potential.

What is unique about Forge?

The freedom to train how you want to train. We don’t believe in limiting ourselves by a single method or modality; we offer everything from rehabilitative training, bodybuilding, crossfit-style classes, to powerlifting, and everything in-between. There is no one size fits all to training - one must discover what’s right for THEM.

What are your specific responsibilities as a co-owner?

Along with executive decisions with the team, I am in charge of branding, merchandise, creative design, visual media, and online web presence.

What is your absolute favourite thing about Forge?

THE PEOPLE. We have the best staff, trainers, clients, and members. Inspiring beyond measure.

What does your mission statement "Strengthening our Community" mean to you?

We not only strengthen the community within our gym but the Victoria community at large. Our members take their positive attitude and renewed vigour they have gained at Forge back into their own personal lives and work. Additionally, we make an effort to support visible charities within the community with our bi-annual charity events.

How have you experienced growth at Forge?

I’ve learned so much about strength and conditioning training from our talented training staff, as well as a deep humility from being regularly schooled at basically every competitive strength and barbell sport I’ve learned and practiced over the last 5 years by the incredible strength athletes that have chosen to make Forge their home.

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