with Dr. Marie-Eve Gagne Ph.D 
Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant (CSNC)

Marie-Eve has a Ph.D. in Sciences from the University of Toronto and is a Certified Sports Nutrition Consultant (CSNC), as well as a certified Poliquin BioSignature Modulation Level 1 & 2 practitioner, a certified Precision Nutrition coach and more! 



with Dr. Dan Skinner DC
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine


with Danzel Rosario
Certified Athletic Therapist, CSEP-CPT

Athletic therapists are best known for their role in a sports team setting - where they are responsible for pre-game taping, emergency first aid care, injury rehab, and return-to-play program design. 

Athletic therapists are also highly effective in a clinical setting, using a combination of deep tissue massage, joint mobilizations, therapeutic exercise, and other soft-tissue techniques to accelerate the healing process to help the everyday athlete get
back to 100%!


with Dr. Dan Skinner DC
Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine

Trained in California, Dan returned to Victoria to pass on all he has learned about human movement to his community.  In his sessions, he blends the best attributes of manual therapy, mobility training and strength and conditioning to help his clients feel, move and perform their best.

Dr. Dan has advanced training in A.R.T., Functional Movement Assessment (FMS, SFMA), spinal and extremity manipulation as well as Functional Range Condition (fRC, fRA). Dan also teaches mobility classes with Kinstretch and is a certified Strongfirst Kettlebell Instructor.



Denise hails from the lower mainland and graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley with a degree in Human Kinetics.  Through her personal training business and her certification in Fascial Stretch Therapy, Denise has been working to better the lives and bodies of her clients for more than a decade.  


Fascial Stretch Therapy is a manual therapy method of assisted mobility stretching and flexibility performed by a licensed and certified therapist that provides fast, effective and long-lasting results.  


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