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Why did you create Forge?

I wanted to build a gym environment that reflected my training physiology and allowed me to surround myself with people of the same mindset. I also wanted a community that encouraged and supported my clients.

What is unique about Forge?

I think the facility has a unique feel to it, has a personality of its own that provides fun inclusivity with an element of serious competitiveness.

What are your specific responsibilities as a co-owner?

I oversee general staff and everyday operations. Perform maintenance of equipment and facility.

What is your absolute favourite thing about Forge?

The people, we have great members and staff that make me proud as an owner and happy to turn up for work each day.

What does your mission statement "Strengthening our Community" mean to you?

Providing a community that supports and encourages members and staff to make the gym a healthy & consistent part of their life.

How have you experienced growth at Forge?

Grey hairs, a lot more grey hairs!!

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