Personal Training

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Individual Training

Drop-in or use your Forge Membership to book an outdoor station! Access to benches, bars, racks, dumbbells, bikes, and more!


We are offering outdoor HIIT, Dumbell Strength, and Boxing Classes!  


Important rules and regulations about our new outdoor experience


Welcome to the Great Outdoors!

Starting Tuesday, January 4th, we are opening the patio as an outdoor gym so that we can all get back to some lifting!   

  • Outdoor Classes accessible by all memberships

  • 1 hour time slots on the patio for individual workouts with squat racks, barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells etc.  


Since space is limited and it is January, there are a couple of simple rules:

  1. Only come once per day to either a class or individual workout, not both. 

  2. Come dressed (in layers) to workout

  3. We are unfortunately unable to offer access to washrooms, change rooms or showers.

  4. Arrivals will be greeted at the patio, not at our main entrance door

  5. Arrive on time and ensure you leave on time as well

  6. Workouts will be somewhat weather dependent. We are outdoors and in the event that a storm rolls in that could compromise a safe workout or our equipment, we’ll have to close up shop. 

  7. Sharing is caring! You won’t be able to book individual equipment so only use what you need for only as long as you need (ie. no stretching using the racks, etc.)

  8. Our front desk staff will be your “gopher”. You are not permitted to enter the gym to grab equipment, however, our staff are happy to help obtain the equipment you need.


Your membership will remain on hold unless you decide to come and join us outdoors.  And we’re still working on an at-home online training option for those who’d rather stay inside.   If you have a Gym and Classes membership and would like to join us outside, let us know on your first visit and we’ll arrange to pro-rate your fee to the Gym Only rate.


Alright - let’s layer up and see you outside!


Tina, Hal and Lachlan