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Happy Summer!

Open for business! We recognize that our COVID-19 case load on Vancouver island is very low right now, but we are still maintaining stringent heath safety practices including:

- Masks for trainers when they can not maintain 6 feet distance from clients 😷

- 30+ Bookable training stations that have a minimum of 2.5x2.5m working space ⬅️➡️

- Enhanced PPE for higher risk activities (face-to-face training) ✅

- Plexiglass and physical barriers where appropriate (Rig, bathrooms, etc.) ⚠️

- Enhanced cleaning protocols and cleaning supplies at EVERY station 🧼

- Open line of communication with VIHA and Worksafe BC and our members 📣

We are working to increase the scope of activities we are doing at Forge, but are doing so mindfully and with the sanction of our local health authority. We want our most vulnerable members to still feel comfortable training 💪

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