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Sign-up for Barbells n' Breakfast!

Event will take place June 15:

9am - 10am: Group Workout (all fitness levels welcome)

10am - 10:45am: Pancake Breakfast

10:45am - 12pm: Barbell Battle Olympic Lifting Spectacle

Click HERE to sign-up!

Join us for a Saturday morning filled with Barbell's, Breakfast and Bout of Olympic Lifting all for charity! Our very own Jose Amador and Ryan Molle have been battling each other for Weightlifting supremacy and it will all be put to the test in an event guaranteed to impress and entertain.

First, jump in for a rousing group workout at 9am followed by a pancake breakfast feast to refuel your tired muscles. Then, settle in for what can only be described as a match of Olympic proportions. Cheer on our opening lifts and Jose and Ryan as they lift for gym supremacy. There can only be one winner!!

Jose and Ryan are hoping to have your support through your generous donation either through one of these weblinks or at the door of the event.

Jose's chosen charity is JumpStart:

Ryan's chosen charity is the World Wild Life Fund:

(Suggested donation is $15, if you choose to donate through one of these links, please bring a printout or a copy on you mobile device for entry to the event.)

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