851 Yates St.

Victoria, British Columbia

(250) 590-2699  

Mon-Thu: 530am-1000pm
Fri: 530am-900pm

Sat: 800am-600pm

Sun: 900am-500pm

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Why do you work at Forge?

Forge is Family. As a team, they assist me in being healthy, motivated, fit, and in a great frame of mind. Desire to help, volunteer and share with the community.

What is unique about Forge?

Family relationships in action: everyone helps each other. All of the team members are looking out for each other and the members, ensuring safety with equipment, high-quality movements, and proper technique. We also have clinics for a comprehensive approach to healthy fit life - Forge Style.

What are your specific responsibilities as All-star Volunteer/VP Operations?

As VP Operations, my role is that of a volunteer, and to assistant and support people when/where there is a need.

What is your absolute favourite thing about Forge?

Forge Training functions on an inclusion philosophy. Everyone is equal. Clients, trainers, and employees are recognized for their input, demonstrating Forge's philosophy of integrity, respect, equal opportunity, and an inclusive community.

What does your mission statement "Strengthening our Community" mean to you?

The involvement of our members and staff donating athletic wear, shoes and financial donations to Our Place Society throughout the year. Assisting Renovations through Hero Works. Our partnerships with businesses in our community benefitting everyone.

How have you experienced growth at Forge?

I started training in 2010 with Locky with injuries and numerous medical issues. Now in 2019,  I am now a powerlifter with my first medal (number one in my division!), and I no longer take meds for high BP, stress asthma, diabetes type II, high cholesterol, and I have lost 30 pounds.