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Girls Gone Strong fitness & nutrition women’s coach
Bachelor of Arts in health studies

Strength & Conditioning, Bodybuilding, fat loss & muscle gain, gluten development, technique and quality movement, and nutritional guidance. General population beginner or intermediate athletes.


Q. What are your personal goals?
My personal goals involve tenacity in pursuit of constant self-evolution and personal development in both physical and mental fitness. Resilience under resistance inside and outside of the gym. Pushing my limits and re-creating new definitions of self, constantly expanding what I believe I am capable of. Looking, moving, and feeling strong and beautiful + walking the talk of praying to my gods of iron and whole foods with graceful consistency + being healthy, happy, and moving freely until the day I leave planet earth remains the everlasting focus. Currently, I am training for physique goals. After the summer of 2023, I look forward to pivoting toward incorporating learning to Olympic lifting into my movement regimen.

Q. What are your favourite Leisure activities?
Yin yoga, walking, cycling, hiking, Nordic-style spas, journaling, meditation, eating oysters and steak.

Q. Who is your favourite athlete?
Anyone who plays with passion and who has dedicated immense consistency and self-discipline to mastering their craft. If I had to choose, I would say Mattie Rogers, who has an elite background in competitive cheerleading AND Olympic lifting. Two incredibly impressive sports.

Q. Where is your favourite restaurant?
Wolf in the Fog.

Q. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Craving a return trip to Peru. Rainforest + mountains + ocean + sunshine. New Zealand is also high on the travel list! I have a tattoo artist I want to have some work done by there.

Q. Fun fact about yourself?
I solo’d the West Coast Trail when I was 15 years old and the Laugavegur trail in Iceland when I was 21! My connection to the value of movement was born through outdoor pursuits. These expeditions have emphasized for me that there is SO much more in each of us than we think and have taught me the importance of integrating inspiring and challenging journeys of discovery in nature + daily connection to and reverence of the natural world as part of a holistic health and self-care practice.

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