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Weight Training Coach
State vocational certificate for applied studies in sport(BPJEPS)

Physical change and nutrition advice using realistic and sustainable plans. I emphasize on teaching lats and hips stability through bracing and core activation techniques. If you have postural issues or neck and back pains and you are interested in lifting heavier weights safely, give me a holler.


Q. What are your personal goals?
Maintaining an aesthetic and strong body until I'm ancient.

Q. What are your favourite Leisure activities?
Lying down on the grass in nature without anyone around.

Q. Who is your favourite athlete?
I don't have any favorite athlete, but I enjoy watching any beautifully executed judo throws, snatches and clean and jerk lifts.

Q. Where is your favourite restaurant?
Bin 4 and Big wheel, I won't pretend to be classy, I just love a good burger.

Q. If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
If I hadn't been able to immigrate to Victoria, BC, I would have moved to Bergen, Norway. I always loved rainy weather and smaller harbour cities. Bergen and Victoria are very similar in that regard.

Q. Fun fact about yourself?
Cold water exposure is my thing. Rain or snow, I swim in the cold ocean every Sunday morning for around 30mn and have only had cold showers in the last few years.

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