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November 2020


“Wow, what an honour this is to be selected for such a prestigious award. I am sure this was a hard choice, but being a gym god has its benefits.

At Forge, barely anyone knows my real name because here I am known as Fonzie. I started my fitness journey with Lachlan in grade 9, yikes he must feel old, and I am grateful to call him a friend. I would like to thank Moose and C.O. the real OG's who provide me with the fitness inspiration I need in the early mornings. Forge is a great gym, I have built my massive arms here and what makes this gym so special to me are the friends I have made. I love to talk more than a workout, so if you have not met me yet come say hi! It is a fantastic community here with three owners that work tirelessly behind the scenes, for us, the members."

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