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January 2022


“When I was first introduced to Forge by my friend and trainer @mattrudfitness, I wasn’t expecting it to be much different than other gyms I’d attended — besides maybe some equipment I hadn’t seen before and some very strong people working out around me. But right off the bat, I felt welcomed by the Forge community in a way I never had at a gym in the past — members and staff alike made a point of introducing themselves and making me feel at home. Now having trained out of the space for over a year, I can honestly say that Forge feels like a second home, and seeing the staff and members has become something I actively look forward to every day I get to come in.

What I love most about Forge is their commitment to their community and understanding of the importance of the gym to the lives of their members. Forge has provided a sense of consistency and community for so many people during these very inconsistent and isolating times, and I am so grateful to Locky, Hal, and Tina for everything they have done over the pandemic to keep the space open, especially during the gym closures this past winter. Working out outside was the highlight of my winter, and now that we're open again, I can't wait to see what this year brings!"

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