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April 2022


"My first day at Forge was September 6th, 2017. I remember how out-of-place I felt that day, those first few months, even the first year! Something I noticed right away was that I wasn't the only gym "newbie" there, I wasn't the only one putting myself out there and getting uncomfortable in front of total strangers. And at no point did I ever feel out of place or left feeling like I didn't belong at Forge - there was consistent, 100% support from all the trainers I worked with and all the other members I trained alongside.

I remember the first time I ever deadlifted that September, and man was I ever hooked immediately; the movement, the strength and simplicity of it, and just how much of an impact picking something heavy up can have on the physical and mental health. I got obsessed. Then squatting and bench came next, followed by conditioning and high-intensity cardio; I was inspiring myself. With the daily group classes by Ryan, Jason and Courtney, combined with the consistent one-on-one with Hal, I began to notice changes in my physical and mental day-to-day within the first six months, and that was all the proof I needed to keep going.

It's been 1,698 days since September 6th, 2017, and I can safely say that Forge is like a second home to me now. If I ever need help of have a question, it's nothing but love and support from all angles. I've picked up long-distance running & cycling along the way, and I continue to train with Hal; the man who I owe it to, for being a non-stop workhorse of motivation & dedication to my fitness journey, as we work towards my never-ending pursuit of health-forward lifestyle."

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