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Why did you create Forge?

To create a space where I could continually learn and be challenged by clients, members and co-workers. To always be around people who push me to be better at my job, learn new skills - physical, mental and emotional, and gain new levels of strength.

What is unique about Forge?

The freedom and support to go outside of your comfort range. There is no "right way" to be active (aside from correct movement patterns lol). The ability to learn from members! Too often, we only look to professionals for direction, we have the chance to learn from members too.

What are your specific responsibilities as a co-owner?

Managing the day-to-day business requirements for the facility to make sure it runs smoothly. Bookkeeping and daily financial review of expenses and payments. Daily purposeful interactions with staff and members.

What is your absolute favourite thing about Forge?

That everyone (staff, members, clients) are always putting in "the work". No one here is taking the easy way out or making excuses.

What does your mission statement "Strengthening our Community" mean to you?

Literally, that we help our staff/members/clients get strong! Figuratively, that we make a point to get involved in the local community outside of our facility to help make a difference and to help lift up those who are struggling (the Deadlift Competition for Our Place, Volunteering for HeroWorks, etc).

How have you experienced growth at Forge?

Have bettered my interpersonal skills (they still need a lot of work but they are improved!). Learned how to handstand (sort of), and picked up a few more gymnastics moves. Further refined my budgeting skills. Expanded my knowledge and experience of a variety of different programming methods. Made my way back into competition. Made a bunch of new friends and further cemented some old friendships.

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