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NOTICE: Special Event this Weekend

This coming weekend Sep 14 &15th, Forge is proud to be hosting PreHab 101 with Dr. Jacob Harden. We are very excited to be hosting but it does mean there will be some temporary changes to how the gym operates over the weekend:

- there will be no music playing (so bring your headphones and fav tunes!) 🎤

- the rig will be unavailable for the duration of the course

- there will be no classes upstairs on Saturday 😔

- Boxing will still be on and so will Yoga on Sunday morning! 😍

- Olympic Lifting will be limited to only certain times through out the day.

Message us for details on the day of if you want to come in and lift! The remainder of the gym will be available for regular use however, we ask that you are mindful of the course. Thank you in advance for your understanding! If you are interested in learning more about the course, send us a DM!

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