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See what our members have to say about training at Forge!

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July 2022

"Weightlifting is a part of my daily regimen because it makes me feel better mentally.  I have been to many gyms throughout my travels, and I always look forward to returning home to train at the Forge.  They provide a vast selection of maintained equipment which permits an efficient workout.  There is always a rack and plenty of plates available. Forge also has a core group of knowledgeable staff and trainers that are always smiling and having a great time sharing their knowledge and experience."


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April 2022

"My first day at Forge was September 6th, 2017. I remember how out-of-place I felt that day, those first few months, even the first year! Something I noticed right away was that I wasn't the only gym "newbie" there, I wasn't the only one putting myself out there and getting uncomfortable in front of total strangers. And at no point did I ever feel out of place or left feeling like I didn't belong at Forge - there was consistent, 100% support from all the trainers I worked with and all the other members I trained alongside."


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January 2022

“When I was first introduced to Forge by my friend and trainer @mattrudfitness, I wasn’t expecting it to be much different than other gyms I’d attended — besides maybe some equipment I hadn’t seen before and some very strong people working out around me. But right off the bat, I felt welcomed by the Forge community in a way I never had at a gym in the past"


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October 2021

“Thank you for selecting me as member of the month, an honour that is legitimately the pinnacle of my athletic career. I never could have risen to these heights without the support of Michael, who gave me my first tour and convinced me Forge was a place I’d fit in, and Tina, whose training has made me stronger and has mostly helped me avoid hurting myself with my clumsy tendencies."


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July 2021

"I joined last year when all my sports were cancelled by COVID. Even my old gym was closed. It was looking to be a bleak winter. But I was saved by Forge!"


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April 2021

"Like many of my predecessors, I've been with Forge since it's onset. Though my adventure with this awesome group started long before that. I started training with Locky at Studio 4 and then followed him to Catalyst."


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January 2021

" I have been coming to Forge since October 2019, and especially considering the dumpster fire that was 2020, my visits here have been crucial for my mental and physical health."


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October 2020

"Thanks to the awesome Forge staff for their help and encouragement and also for following health guidelines during this pandemic to keep us safe and working out!"


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June 2022

“We have been working out at Forge for the past year or so together and are both so grateful for the awesome facility and community.  

Over the course of the pandemic, Forge did an amazing job working with the public health orders to ensure the community had a safe place to train."


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March 2022

“I can't say enough about the tremendous impact Forge has had on me - my life, my health, my outlook - in the seven years or so since I dragged myself in here, a person in his mid-50's, formerly very active but by that time a sedate couch potato. My good friend Grant got me going on this - it was clear something had to be done! Well, this place, and the incredible people in it, were just what was needed to turn a badly-needed new leaf."


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December 2021

"I was drawn to Forge by the spirit of community and inclusivity that Locky, Tina and Hal have built the organization on. As a non-binary person some other gyms are not safe spaces nor have they put the intention that Forge has into ensuring all members have equal access to facilities."


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September 2021

“I walked into Forge almost 6 months ago hoping to find a good spot to train and continue my health and fitness journey. I can now confidently say that I have found a second home at Forge."


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June 2021

“Prior to joining Forge, I had frequented a number of gyms in which the priority was getting in and getting out as quickly as possible. My experience at Forge has been wildly different; never before had I worked out in an environment of such camaraderie, community, and commitment."


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March 2021

"I have been training at Forge for a little over two years now and coming here is consistently the best part of my day! The community here is unreal."


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December 2020

"Being recognized by my peers for something I absolutely love to do is an awesome complement; all you other Grinders at Forge, thanks for the inspiration."


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September 2020

On behalf of the owners, management, and staff, we want to acknowledge all of the members of Forge who have worked hard to not only readjust to life and training in our post-COVID world, but THRIVE.


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May 2022

"Thank you so much for the honour of Member of the Month! Forge has had an immense positive impact on my life. I’ve had the opportunity to be a member with Forge since their first gym on Fort St. and it’s been incredible to witness the work and growth made possible by Hal, Locky and Tina. I’ve never considered myself an athlete, and never consistently went to the gym. It wasn’t until Forge that I knew it was a place I wanted to be a part of."


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February 2022

“Going to Forge is the best part of my morning. I jump out of bed at 5 a.m. because I know I have a kickass gym waiting for me. The people of Forge are definitely part of my tribe and my much-needed motivation."


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November 2021

“I moved here from Ontario this past March and was looking for a gym that met my needs. I’m really particular about where I train. I love bodybuilding and CrossFit and take my training very seriously. Forge is a great facility with equipment that helps me do both."


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August 2021

“First off, I would like to thank the Forge staff and owners for going above and beyond during these strange times to keep everyone feeling safe and comfortable. I really feel like you guys have gone above and beyond, and are an excellent example of what a gym should be."


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May 2021

"Forge is a special place. I consider it an extended family. A place that you can come, whatever your abilities or condition and do a workout and be comfortable. I am constantly amazed at the abilities of the members around me."


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February 2021

"I was introduced to the Forge through members at school. Initially, I was intimidated by all the people lifting heavy things but quickly realised I have nothing to prove."


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November 2020

“Wow, what an honour this is to be selected for such a prestigious award. I am sure this was a hard choice, but being a gym god has its benefits."


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August 2020

"The gym is a foundation that ensures I consistently come out stronger. My growth here has been a meaningful part of my trajectory that I will look back on in reverent appreciation."


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