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March 2022


“I can't say enough about the tremendous impact Forge has had on me - my life, my health, my outlook - in the seven years or so since I dragged myself in here, a person in his mid-50's, formerly very active but by that time a sedate couch potato. My good friend Grant got me going on this - it was clear something had to be done! Well, this place, and the incredible people in it, were just what was needed to turn a badly-needed new leaf.

@hal_kreisel became my trainer on day one, and works with me to this day - and over the years I've also had a chance to train with @lockyatforge_ , @tinaderix , @danzelatforge , and @mattrudpt , and received so much encouragement from all the trainers who've been in the vicinity. Despite the pain (and boy was it sooo darn hard!) I never felt like I was alone - never felt like I was the only one who was trying to change things in their fitness, at this or any age. In those early months (and still sometimes today! :- ) I was lying a great lake of sweat on the floor - but it was all for a great purpose.

The leadership of all the trainers here is exemplary, to a one they are all just fantastic motivators. They all showed me how to dig deep, at least to the extent I can dig! It's been an amazing experience. Long way to go yet (as Hal keeps reminding me ha ha) - but the effects have been dramatic and fantastic on any number of levels.

A shout-out as well to the way the place is run - so smooth, such a great environment to come to, and a lot of that management credit is due to great ownership, and Michael at the front! He's been a big piece of the puzzle for me too.Thanks so much Forge Team!!”

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